7th Laborrunde-Conference on April 14th and 15th 2011:

Planning, building and running laboratory buildings without known user

The Participants of our 2010 conference already know part of the problem of „planning without users" as this topic came up during one of the discussions and spontaneous was selected as theme for the next conference.
Planning of Laboratories without knowing the users is already a challenge, but how can we detect the cost that have to comprise future revisions during the planning process?

And it would not be the Laborrunde if we just had a look from one side building and running without user are as well in our focus. When building starts all tasks will have to be done in the conflict triangle of cost, ressources and flexibility in dependence of the planning time.

Obviously one day the users will move in and start their work. How can they best use the building? And where do those buildings impose geometrical and technical limits on the user?

A driver knows that he has to fold down the rear seats if he wants to expand the trunk. If he wants to accellerate quickly he has to shift down before.

Where are those „folding seats“ and the „gear shift“ in a a building and how can we pass on this information to the future users and get them involved so that the new building creates a maximum of usability and well-beeing for them?

This is the closing of the circle because we have to ask how the „folding seats“ have been envisioned in the planning an will the „gear box“ allow afterwards to add another gear?

This is what we will discuss in April 2011 at the Laborrunde-Conference. In the „Laborbau aktuell“ section we will present and discuss recent laboratory buildings from Germany, Europe and the US.